1. AGM 2005

The 2005 Debian-UK Society AGM will be held at the Annual Barbecue, 28th August 2005 - see DebianParty2005 for location and other details.

2. Agenda

Nominations for posts and motions to be debated must be sent to the Secretary (Vince Sanders, vince@kyllikki.org) two weeks in advance, i.e. by Sunday 14th August 2005, as described in the DebianUKSocietyConstitution.

3. Minutes

People present were:

At 19:01, Phil Hands declared the meeting open.

Vincent explained that the previous meeting's minutes are available on line. Everyone approved the minutes.

SteveMcIntyre delivered the treasurer's report. In summary, UKP 366.34 is in the bank account, we have approximately UKP 2400 of stock. A fully detailed report will be made available to anyone who requests it from the treasurer. This report was accepted by everyone present.

The current committee was then reelected by unanimous vote.

The secretary called for any other business. Scott James Remnant brought up a proposal that Debian-UK should be involved in the funding for the BBQ meet. Everyone agreed that the net difference between collected funds and used funds for the Debian-UK BBQ will either go to or come from the Debian-UK funds.

At 19:06, Phil Hands declared the meeting closed.

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