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||DanielSilverstone||Yes ||90% Certain || option 2, recommend fly back 6th or 7th. ||

1. UK Debian travel to Debconf in Porto Allegre, Brazil, 2004

Debconf site is at http://www.debconf.org/debconf4/ for more details.

My (SteveMcIntyre) current suggestions for travel are:

LHR 24th May -> POA 25th May

  • (conference)

POA 3rd June -> LHR 4th June

For this option, ebookers.com quotes me GBP 596 for a single person, or GBP 536 each for 4 people, plus taxes.

As a second option, I'm considering extending the end of the trip, and coming back via Rio - stay a few days and head back on (say) the 6th. I can't get a price for that right now, as their website won't do complex travel and I'll have to ring up.

First of all, does anybody else fancy joining me? If so, for which option? Add your comments below:

  • I'm fairly flexible. I like the idea of a few days extra - it's unlikely I'll be in Brazil again for some time (if at all). -- JonathanMcDowell



Definitely going to Debconf?

Travel choice preference - separate or one of the options here




option 2




option 2



90% Certain

option 2, recommend fly back 6th or 7th.

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