1. UK Debian travel to Debconf in Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2004

Debconf site is at http://www.debconf.org/debconf4/ for more details.

LHR 24th May -> CDG -> POA 25th May

POA 3rd June -> CDG -> LHR 4th June

1.1. People

Travel booked, tickets at Steve's place. Please check off things as you get them organised:


CONFIRMED on debconf.org?



Matthew Garrett


dip,tet,typh,hepA,polio,YF done

NU, TRS154261836



dip,tet,typh,hepA,YF done

NU, TRS154056835



diph,typ,hepA,yf done

NU, TRA 154210162

Scott James Remnant


hepA done, diph/tet up to date anyway, no typh or YF

Barclays 7365FQ23346

Daniel Silverstone


dip/tet done, YF Done, hepA typh polio done

NU, TRS154059147

Colin Watson


dip,tet,hepA,YF done

NU, TRA154211206

1.2. Flight times (all in local time)




Flight time

Flight number

LHR 2004-05-24 19:00 (+0100)

CDG 2004-05-24 21:10 (+0200)


BMI-BD 183

CDG 2004-05-24 22:30 (+0200)

GRU 2004-05-25 05:40 (-0500)


RG 8721

GRU 2004-05-25 08:40 (-0500)

POA 2004-05-25 10:10 (-0500)


RG 8721




Flight time

Flight number

POA 2004-06-03 19:20 (-0500)

GRU 2004-06-03 20:55 (-0500)


RG 8720

GRU 2004-06-03 22:20 (-0500)

CDG 2004-06-04 14:40 (+0100)


RG 8720

CDG 2004-06-04 16:35 (+0200)

LHR 2004-06-04 16:40 (+0100)


BMI-BD 180

Steve: I've booked a large taxi for us from my place to Heathrow and back. That'll cost about 100 quid each way in total. Pickup time for the trip out is 15:00 at my place.

Steve: I've rung up to confirm flights. There was just a call-centre phone system for confirmation, with no way to ask for seat assignments.

1.3. Vaccinations

Yellow fever, diphtheria, typhoid and hepatitis A were recommended by my GP, and tetanus is apparently also a good idea if you haven't had a booster recently.

Daniel: It's also recommended that you have polio at some point and that if you're going to some parts of brazil, that you have malaria too. I'm finding out if we will be in that sort of area.

Steve: the nurse I spoke too said malaria was only likely to be an issue within the Amazon rainforest. We're heading to a hotel in a large city in the south of Brazil, so it shouldn't be needed.

Daniel: Yep, Malaria isn't an issue. You *might* want rabies if you think you'll go walking around the town at all, since it is an issue all over Brazil. I'm not going to bother with it.

Colin: The nurse I spoke to recommended adequate mosquito bite protection anyway, though; at least 30% DEET (the active ingredient).

Scott: Yellow Fever is only needed for northern bits of Brazil, especially the Amazonian regions which we're going to be well away from. YF is also needed if you've been to one of a small number of countries in the last few months. Otherwise you don't need it - my doctor in fact recommended I didn't have it given my bad reactions to injections in the past.

If you don't have the Typhod injection it's recommended that you only stick to cooked foods and bottled water.

1.4. Visas

As UK citizens, we don't need a visa to enter the country provided the trip is for tourism only. If you don't have one, make sure you answer "No" if they ask you whether you're there on business.

1.5. Insurance

Don't leave home without it. Medical bills can be very high if you're abroad. Swapping policy details might be a good plan before we go in case of emergency, but not on the wiki for privacy reasons please!

Tesco will sell you a fortnight of insurance for £40 covering most everything you would be worried about.

[http://www.norwich-union-direct.co.uk/ Norwich Union] seem to charge about £31.

2. Things left to organise