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["DebianUK"] > DebianParty2006

= People =

The following people have expressed interest in attending the party in Cambridge @ Steve Mc''''''Intyre's house on Saturday & Sunday the 26th and 27th of August:

|| '''Name''' || '''E-Mail''' || '''Key ID''' || '''Needs Crash Space''' || '''Obtained Crash Space''' || '''Notes''' ||
||SteveMcIntyre ||steve@einval.com ||88C7C1F7 || No ||N/A||||
= Crash Space =

Insert something cunning to ensure everyone has a bed here. Try this... mail the person listed
and ask if you can crash. Then update the page appropriately.

|| '''Name''' || '''Offer''' || '''Takers''' ||
||SteveMcIntyre ||about seven spaces in the house, room for tents outside if people are desperate|| ||

= Transport =

Offers of lifts. Mail the person listed, and ask if it's OK to tag along.

|| '''Name''' || '''E-mail''' || '''Seats''' || '''Locations''' || '''Takers''' ||

= Schedule =

Vague schedule idea based on last year:
 * Meet in central-ish pub at one o'clock on the afternoon of Saturday 26th
 * Mass exodus to Steve's house at four o'clock.
 * Keysigning (six o'clock), supermarket trip (before that), barbeque and inebriation (all damned night)
 * Dispersal to sleeping locations and sleep
 * Rinse and repeat
 * ["DebianUKSociety"] AGM Saturday, 5pm

= Locations =

 * Pub. The Regal is traditional, some time between 12 midday & 3pm. This is a large ''Wetherspoons'' in the centre of Cambridge. ([http://www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?pc=CB23AR multimap])
 * Steve's house is 87, Kendal Way, Cambridge CB4 1LP. Multimap thinks that it is [http://www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?GridE=546772&GridN=260531&scale=10000 here].

= Keysigning =

There will probably be a key signing event. It will '''NOT''' be a two-lines affair and as such you should bring keyslips with you. DanielSilverstone will provide recommendations as to what each of you should do.

Here will probably be DanielSilverstone's scary key signing matrix...

= Aftermath =
Aloha, mans http://www.ubuntu-pa.org/alprazolam/weblog/4289.html Buy alprazolam overnight

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