The earthlings birthday meal 2007 will be held on 10th February 2007.

Unless enough people object, the plan is nearly as it has always been, and always shall be. Forever and ever.: Rising Sun pub (46 Tottenham Court Road) from 5:30 and then Caffe Uno at 28 Binney Street, London. W1K 5BN at 7.30 under the name of Kerr. Booked for 20 people, so if more than two unsures become sure, they will have to add themselves to the party.

Earthlings who will Attend:

  1. JonathanMcDowell

  2. Tom Womack
  3. Amanda Kerr-Munslow
  4. Caroline Berry
  5. SimonHuggins

  6. David Sheldon
  7. Stephen White
  8. Tim Bond
  9. GaneshSittampalam

  10. Juliet Kemp
  11. David Ball
  12. David Woolger
  13. Martin Ling
  14. DominicHargreaves

  15. Tim Bagot
  16. Angharad Fenton-May
  17. Tristam Fenton-May
  18. Jon Chin

Earthlings who are unsure:

  1. JamesGreen

  2. Ian Lynagh
  3. Niall Harrison

Earthlings who can't make it:

  1. Alex Gough (will be in Antarctica)
  2. ChrisVenus (will be on holiday)

  3. PatrickMoore (might be abroad or something)

  4. DaveHiggins (will be on my way to Australia, sorry)

  5. Socks
  6. Kake Pugh
  7. Adrian Chadd (stuck in Australia)
  8. Tim Ricketts
  9. Mike Ricketts
  10. Simon Chatterjee (anniversary clash, will be away, sorry)

Earthlings who haven't stated one way or t'other:

  1. Stuart Adamson
  2. Arthur Bullard
  3. Matthew Byng-Maddick
  4. Paul Duff
  5. Meryki AK Horton
  6. Toby Jaffey
  7. Roland Kay
  8. Rebecca Luckraft
  9. Mike Mason
  10. Janet McKnight

  11. Caroline Pearson

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