The half-birthday is the 10th August. We had a picnic in Oxford the weekend of the 8th/9th August in 2009. It was good. We had it on 15th August 2010. The writer did not attend so has no comment as to if it was good. We didn't in 2011. That was bad.

The plan is Sunday 19th August in Oxford at Parson's Pleasure starting at 1pm. Back up location is the Fenton-Mays' house in Marston should the weather be inclement.

Bring partners and 'birthlings' and picnic food.

1. Location

Preferences for location expressed as follows:

Art would like us to watch him racing at 3pm and 4:15pm, probably, from Christchurch meadow or "marker B". Not that this is a lot later than lunchtime, and he's not planning on lunching, and it's quite inconvenient for those with pushchairs who are planning on lunching.

Tim Greaves would find PP/Marston quite handy in location, as would (I guess) the Fenton-Mays.

Amanda Kerr-Munslow and Ganesh Sittampalam need to deliver a bunch of stuff to the Fenton-Mays.

2. People

2.1. Earthlings who will Attend

  1. David Ball
  2. Jon Chin
  3. Matthew Byng-Maddick
  4. Tim Greaves
  5. Juliet Kemp
  6. Amanda Kerr-Munslow
  7. Janet McKnight

  8. Angharad Fenton-May
  9. Tristam Fenton-May
  10. Tim Ricketts
  11. GaneshSittampalam

  12. Tom Womack
  13. Tim Bagot

2.2. Non-Earthlings who will attend

  1. Taran Fenton-May
  2. Alex Greaves
  3. Alex Sittampalam
  4. Heather Sittampalam
  5. Leon Chin-Kemp

2.3. Earthlings who can't make it

  1. ArthurBullard

  2. Alex Gough

2.4. Earthlings who have complicated availability

2.5. Earthlings who haven't stated one way or t'other

  1. Stuart Adamson
  2. Nick Burch
  3. Simon Chatterjee
  4. Adrian Chadd
  5. Paul Duff
  6. JamesGreen

  7. DominicHargreaves

  8. Niall Harrison
  9. DaveHiggins

  10. Meryki AK Horton
  11. SimonHuggins

  12. Toby Jaffey
  13. Roland Kay
  14. MartinLing

  15. Rebecca Luckraft
  16. Caroline Lynagh
  17. Ian Lynagh
  18. Mike Mason
  19. JonathanMcDowell

  20. PatrickMoore

  21. Caroline Pearson
  22. Kake Pugh
  23. Mike Ricketts
  24. David Sheldon
  25. ChrisVenus

  26. Stephen White
  27. David Woolger
  28. Socks

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