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1. Glasswalker Info Page - Table of Contents

2. What has happened to Cockroach?

This page is designed to collate info on what we know about Cockroach's current situation. Please attribute any comments you make on here so that people can talk to the source of the information should they wish to. If unconfirmed please label it as such so that people can confirm things (and move to the appropriate section). Also please be sure not to state something as fact when it is just opinion.

2.1. Confirmed Information

This should only be descriptions of first hand experiences. If you can't attribute a tale directly to the person who experienced it (so that it can be confirmed) then it belongs under unconfirmed information.

2.1.1. Cockroach spirits in the cyberrealm

"In the cyberrealm the cockroach spirits with us, including our pack totem, seemingly worked with agents of the Machine to calcify those of us present. However, this does not mean that these spirits were working for the machine in gneral, just that their goals coincided. Cockroach wants his children to be survivors and the only way we would have survived the situation was by being calcified. Cockroach calcified us and in doing so saved our lives. The implication was that the machine was going to kill us if we didn't co-operate and that it had decided we weren't co-operating. Cockroaches actions did not seem to be equivalent to the machines." - MartinCross

"There were two calcifying Cockroaches in the CyberRealm. One of these was the Jaggling that everyone agrees fell to the Machine. The other was Bulldozer, a friend of mine who I asked to calcify me when it became clear that I was going to be calcified (I'd rather have it come from someone I know). Bulldozer's motivation was his loyalty to our tribe and to me. A week ago, he had been part of a vast force of Cockroach Jagglings that had defended Summer Country. Over 90% of them were destroyed, most of them falling to the Wyrm before doing so. If one roach falling to the Machine shows the whole brood has, then we have sufficient evidence three hundred times over that Cockroach has fallen to the Wyrm. I do not believe this to be the case." - CB

2.2. Unconfirmed Information

This is information that I half remember and don't have time to look up the tales for. This is the section were this sort of thing goes.

2.2.1. Cockroach cut off

"I think I heard something about some theurge talking to cockroach when he got cut off and was unabel to re-establish contact. I'm not sure if this was a smaller roach spirit or the big incarna. I'm also not sure if any other possible causes have been identified apart from fould play to roach." - MartinCross

2.2.2. Dave's vision of the fall

"Dave Rife, kinfolk with visions, while on the cyberrealm quest said that cockroach was a survivor and that given the machines words that only he and his brood would survive the upcoming apocalypse that it is obvious that cockroach went to him. There seems to be some ambiguity surrounding whether or not this was an opinion or whether this was information from a vision. If it was a vision I don't have the full details of what he saw." - MartinCross

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