MorrisWycombe - "The caern was recently reawakened by J-The-Listener. Silvermoon was denmother until meeting the dancers, Now Fights with Savage Heart has that honour. Also we have probably the youngest Rite Master in Magpie (Silent Strider Cliath only just done rite of passage but the only theurge we have!)"

MartinCross - "For better or for worse I have a deal with a Chaos Monitor, a powerful Weaver Spirit, in this Sept's territory. The garou are not to enter the area claimed by the weaver where I believe a caern used to be. If I ever hear that they do I believe my life will be immediately forfeit. Yeah, useful knowledge for those wanting to assassinate me but I don't think that's anybody here."

ChloeAnderton - "STOP-PRESS - Martin, Hands and I have been negotiating with the Chaos Monitor & its minions all afternoon (16/11/03) after certain rules about expansion were taken rather literally (specifically, that the limits on expansion were taken to only apply at ground level...). We're talking oh-shit-need-to-chat-to-the-Elder-Council and guns-big-fucking-guns! More when I've slept, I'm totally knackered after hacking together a quick & dirty spirit speech translator, wading through sewers, making sure nobody got killed...y'know, the usual. Will kick Hands and make sure he gets the info to the Elder Council pronto..."

MorrisWycombe - "Embarrasingly myself, Fights-with-Thought, Fights-with-Savage-Heart etc. basically a load of cliath have been punished with voice of the Jackal, due to us not having informed J-The-Listener about the Stag telling us the cearn needed help from the Holly King, when J was absent one month.

MorrisWycombe - "As of December the sept positions have changed: J stepped down and invited challenges. Myself, Fights-with-Thought and Fights-with-Savage-Heart challenged. It was close so they told me, but in the end Fights-with-Savage-Heart was chosen. Also I checked up on Plays-With-Fire and she's taking some 'time out' so I said that I'd handle tribal business from now on. Finally the voice of the jackal thing ended halfway through this meet."

MorrisWycombe - "I tracked Plays-with-Fire down to one of her nightclub hangouts, she said she's just taking a break for a while. I tried encouraging her but no joy [ooc: Player thing]"

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