Alpha Pack: Pack of the Five Moons
Totem: Black Unicorn
Alpha: Arthur - Some garou name about blood (I really should remember) - Silverfang Ahroun Cliath
Voice-Of-Reason Denfather Child of Gaia Galliard Cliath
Stewart - No name yet Get of Fenris Philodox Cliath
MorrisWycombe - Speaks-with-soft-heart Sept Alpha Glass Walker Ragabash Adren

Pack of the Silent Wings
Fights-with-Savage-Heart - Sept Beta, Cearn Warder, Keeper of the Lands.
Protects-the-innocent - Ahroun
Knows-no-fear - Philodox
+ new Galliard.

Packless / Others
Fights-with-thought Cairn Warden Shadow Lord Ahroun Fostern
Night-Shadow Rite Master Silent Strider Theurge Fostern
Gwen Bone Gnawer Philodox Fostern - Not associated with Sept but frequently attending.

OOC: This page is a fictional page for a roleplaying game. None of the above is in any way true. If you are not a UK GlassWalker you do not have access to this in character. If you are, then you probably will. If in doubt or you want to know more please contact

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