Help adding pages

This wiki will only be truly useful if people follow some simple guidelines otherwise you'll make our job harder editing, consolidating and making it a useful source of information.

If you are unsure why Wikis work then see WhyWikiWorks

I don't really want to be drawn into a philosophical argument here but here are some guidelines (and I do stress they are only guidelines) that I suggest you follow. Of course given the way wikis work it's easier to undo than to do and since I will probably mostly follow my own guidelines if you don't then it may be hard. But if you have a genuinely good idea then persuade me and I'm sure I'll break them.

If you are unsure where to link your page in then you don't have to link it in at all to start with. You can create pages by going to the URL and replacing the page name with the page you would like to create. They will show up in RecentChanges. You could link to them from HuggieWikiDiscussion so that people know they exist and can discuss where they would fit.

It's hard to draw up ideas of what would be welcomed or not because it would depend on the page but in general please put it up first even if it's not linked into the main wiki.

If you think you want an ACL on a page (see ACLTestPage and the links to docs) then talk to SimonHuggins or JonathanMcDowell though please don't just ask because you want to stop the wiki being a wiki.

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