I think this line is mostly filler...

Very out of date webpage here: http://the.earth.li/~neve - perhaps I'll get round to drafting up some fresh content on here...

Livejournal here: http://www.livejournal.com/~nevecat - most posts are locked as friends only.

1. Wiki projects

I think the GlassWalkers wiki is currently turning into a cometition between me and ChrisVenus as to who will edit most often *grins* - he started it, but I'm adding bits as I think of them, since my character has eidetic memory that's likely to be quite a lot...

WritingProject - attempt to do some true joint authorship fiction - we'll see where it goes!

CamInfo - trying to gradually pull together info for various cam domains & events.

Any other ones I edit will likely be me correcting other people's typos - I approve of being able to do this ;)

2. Things I must remember

EarthlingsBirthdayMeal2004 (noted in palm but couldn't be bothered to write down complete details)

3. Webpage stuff

http://the.earth.li/~neve/rpg/cam/RST.html - add link, create html versions rather than stinky word docs.

"I'm not competing on GlassWalkers. After all, I set it up so I get all the credit for it anyway... That and I know where the preview button is so I only have to edit once a trip. :)" - ChrisVenus

"Oh, I've no objection to you getting the credit - from my point of view, it's a great way of doing the census that Chloe & A/C were joking about, and of putting together all the info that someone with eidetic memory *should* know! ... And :P to previews, I always remember bits afterwards" - CarolinePearson


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