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1. Martin Cross and the Chaos Monitor

Background: These events took place after a rite of weaver cleansing knocked out the nanites that had previously been put into him by the chaos monitor. He heard the movement of spiders webbing up the caern and stepped sideways to deal with them. He told them that the events weren't deliberate and that there was no threat to him. The spiders attacked and abducted...

The pattern spiders take you to the M40, which appears to you like a crystal construction of scintillating light, which they climb onto and the landscape around you blurs, When everything stops moving you find yourself in a hollow that you recognise, chrome and crystal with lines of moving lights. The Chaos Monitor is there.

"Compliance has been compromised and subroutines endangered," it tells you, apparently already knowing what you said back at the Caern. "Continuance of rogue routines cannot be permitted. Necessary non-compliance for ex-pattern interaction is estimated at three point one two seven percent, plus or minus one point two five three. Current compliance of unit Martin Cross is insufficient to restore acceptable risk management. The unit may indicate how optimal non-compliance is best achieved. This node is capable of either perfecting the unit to within the optimal parameters or equipping the unit with type four one five auxiliary patterns. Unit will state preference."


The Chaos Monitor takes you into its mandibles and spins you into the pattern web. During the time you are encased in the web your vital functions are handled by the web itself. You are tuned in to the OneSong and as you listen to it you receive flashes of numbers, codes, lights. You begin to understand the sterile beauty of mathematics and the need for everything to be ordered, comprehensible, safe. But as you approach a full rapport with the web you are pulled out again, though the song still rings in your ears. You have been prevented from reaching the full wonder of oneness with the Weaver, but you are no longer quite the Martin Cross that entered.

First, you now have a compliance of 96.873. You like everything to be ordered, neat, explainable. This amounts to Obsessive/Compulsive disorder focussed on things being clean and tidy. You want to make sure the veil is never broken for Garou, Magi or any other supernatural creatures, and above all you want to make sure that the Chaos Monitor's plans are never affected by anything.

You no longer have any scars, and many people may find your symmetrical appearance slightly odd (-1 on any appearance-based challenge). Your body knits together to return you to your perfected form, regenerating 1 bashing/lethal a round even in combat, and 1aggravated per hour. On the other hand, your hair. and fingernails no longer grow. Any attempt to change the shape of your body will revert within the hour.

This difficulty extends even to changing forms - you can no longer shift automatically except back to your breed form. Any other change requires the expenditure of a Primal-Urge trait or Rage trait, although shifting to Crinos at the beginning of a combat requires only that you win or tie a Simple Test.

You discover that normal people with whom you interact tend to forget about you after you leave. You also find that your voice lulls normal people into a state of acquiescence (if you defeat them in a social challenge) and that you have a new ability to Doppelganger into a type of person that most people in a particular situation would find reassuring (eg A Generic Nurse in a hospital).

Again, there is a downside. Any Rites you lead are at double difficulty to succeed, and you have to pay a visit to the pattern web to spend XP (and you can only suggest to your Weavery superiors what you would like to spend it on).

You are, in short, only a very short step from becoming a Drone.

Gain 3 Glory and 4 Honour for sacrificing yourself to prevent harm coming to Caern or Garou But Lose 4 Wisdom for becoming a slave of the Weaver

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