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We’re big. Bigger than Gates. Bigger than the Sultan of Brunei. Bigger than the GDP of the G7. Money makes the world go round, and the Plutocracy IS money. Soul stealing monsters can give you power, but at the price of your life. Psychics and mystics can transcend the mortal coil, but at the cost of having a life. Money is secure, safe, ancient, and flexible. We control the ultimate source of power in the world – not for its own sake, but because it brings us as close to omnipotence as man may come.

The Plutocracy is, in its way, as ancient as the Pax; our heart was and is the Cult of Pluto, and ancient strand of the Pax whose concern was managing and using the Pax’s monetary and occult power. When the Pax began to fall apart, the most powerful in the Cult of Pluto met in New York, 1901. They decided to break away from the Curia, which was doing little but limit our power. Now, we concentrate on accumulating power through the traditional means we have used since time immemorial. As one of us, you should always remember not to be greedy, and not to be a miser. We collect wealth only because it brings us power, and we share it amongst ourselves to ensure we become and remain the dominant faction in the world. Fools think of us as a divided, greedy faction; we’re far more united than most.

You should also not underestimate the importance of our ancient religion to us. Pluto was wise to leave Jupiter his heavens, and Neptune his seas. The earth is filled with wealth, mystic power, and the secrets of the dead. We continue our traditional worship to ensure we continue to control those sources of power, and lest we rouse the ire of ancient forces by their abandonment. It is quid pro quo – respect in return for temporal and spiritual power.


The Plutocracy is divided into two divisions, the Augurs, and the Pontifices, under the leadership and coordination of our leader, the Pontifex Maximus and his staff. Thus, the members of our faction are affiliated to one of three divisions, which have differing responsibilities.

The Pontifex Maximus

The Pontifex Maximus is the head of the Plutocracy, being elected by the Council of Augurs and the Council of Pontifices. He presides over the greatest rituals of Pluto, but is also concerned with directing the faction. Both the Pontifices and Augurs are subject to his orders, and his position is for life. The Pontifex Maximus has access to an official office of his own, whose members take a ruling and coordinative role. They pass on the orders of the Pontifex Maximus, and act as arbitrators on a day to day basis. They are normally endowed with the authority of the Pontifex Maximus in carrying out their tasks, although they may not punish a member of the faction without reference to him.

The Council of Augurs

The job of the Augurs is long-range planning and research. Thus, they watch economic trends, develop profitable or useful technologies, and keep an eye on the spirits and the dead.

The Augurs are controlled by the Council of Augurs, who are selected by an ancient method – acclamation. It works in the following way: a panel from the office of the Pontifex Maximus is hidden behind a screen dividing them from a meeting of all Augurs who care to attend. The candidates for the Council walk silently into the view of the assembly, who cheer him if they wish him to become a councilman. The Pontifices judge who have gained the most cheers, although they do not know which order the candidates appeared in. The position is for five years, and the Council has absolute control over all other Augurs, subject to countermands from the Pontifex Maximus.

The Council of Pontifices

The Pontifices are concerned with the implementation of the Plutocracy’s goals in the world. Thus they summon spirits to do the faction’s work, hire people with useful skills, order assassinations, buy eastern European dictatorships, and so on. The Pontifices can act on their initiative except when given orders by the Pontifex Maximus, which they are bound to follow.

The Pontifices are led by the Council of Pontifices, who are selected by an open ballot. The Pontifices collect in one place, and raise their hands for the candidate they wish to join the council. Membership is for two years, and can be cut short by a vote of no-confidence, conducted in the same manner as elections. A Pontifex who is a member of the Council has absolute control over all Augurs, subject to any orders from the Pontifex Maximus.


The resources that are available to Plutocrats, it should be noted, are expensive to run. A monetary contribution from users is expected.

The Howling Caves, near Delphi, Greece

The Howling Caves are a vast limestone cave complex descending many miles into the Earth’s crust. In ancient times, it was believed to be an entrance to the underworld, because the whistling of the wind through it made the sound of souls wailing mournfully. Today, their lies in its depths a portal leading to the extra-dimensional complex that houses the Pontifex Maximus of the Plutocracy, and which is open to the use of members of his office. It contains a reference library and a holding unit.

Hannibal Court, London

Hannibal Court is a vast modern office complex sprawling in the heart of the City of London. Superficially easy to access, it is secretly extremely well guarded, counting as a fortress. The offices serve as the meeting place and home of the Augurs. It contains a reference library, an occult library a lab and a research unit.

The Cerberus Complex, near Istanbul, Turkey

Beneath an old ruined Greek temple west of Istanbul lies a hidden complex of underground rooms and vaults that serves as the headquarters of the Pontifices. Relying on secrecy, it none the less is linked into networks around the world, effectively giving it a reference library.

The War Chest

The Plutocracy took many of the Curia’s assets with us when we broke away, and have been diligently collecting more ever since. Stored in bank accounts and hidden underground vaults lie a cool one billion pounds sterling. Access to the money may be had through the office of the Pontifex Maximus.

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