1. Squash the bugs!

November 27th to 28th 2004

If we all pull together, we can get the RC bugs killed and help make sarge a great (if late) release. Everyone's welcome to join us in person, and we'll be active on irc.oftc.net, #debian-uk too if you want to help but can't make it physically.

If you want to come either day, please let me know. There's even (limited) crash space available. See below...

I'm planning to start about midday on the Saturday, which will give me time to get the house ready for an invasion of geeks. We'll run until people are done or sarge is ready, whichever comes first!

2. Location

87 Kendal Way, Cambridge CB4 1LP (aka my house, as usual), here

3. Equipment

I have wired and wireless networking, a full local debian mirror and several architectures in the house:

And we have an offer of remote access to an ia64 box.

BenHutchings has sparc and m68k boxes.

Bring a laptop, power cables and ethernet cables if you need them.

4. The Target

To kill as many of the sarge-related bugs as possible from the list at http://bugs.debian.org/release-critical/ (with annotations on http://bts.turmzimmer.net/details.php )

5. Crash space

I have space for 6 or so - add your name to the list below if you want to claim some:

6. Pictures

Add links to your pictures here:

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