1. The inaugural meeting minutes


Late attendance:

Meeting was at 14:00 on 19th March 2005 in the Kingston Arms, 33 Kingston Street, Cambridge, CB1 2NU

SAM: The main point for being here is to set up the bank account. I have two grand in my savings account which needs protecting in case I die. Also it would be nice to not rely on trusting me to not spend it all on beer. To set up a bank account we need to set up a society. In order to do this we need a constitution which defines what the society is/does/membership and decision processes. Then we need a committee consisting of at least Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

At this point, we discussed the constitution; the details of which are below.

DS called for a vote, the constitution was unanimously carried by the seven present.

DS then called for nominations for the committee. By unanimous agreement the committee is defined as:

SAM then called for a vote to adopt the constitution and accept the committee. This was carried by unanimous agreement.

SAM: The first AGM is defined to be on the 20th August 2005

SAM: This meeting is now closed.

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