The Earthlings Birthday Meal 2011 will be held on Saturday 12th February 2011.

This will be the 13th birthday, the 10th birthday meal.

Meet at: Pontefract Castle on Wigmore Street (W1U 1QB) from 6pm, but there's an England Rugby match that day, so it might be busy.

And then ASK, 56/60 Wigmore Street, London W1U 2RZ Tel: 0207 224 3484 at 8pm. Booked for 19 in the name David Sheldon

Earthlings who Will Attend:

  1. David Sheldon
  2. Stephen White
  3. Tom Womack
  4. GaneshSittampalam

  5. SimonHuggins

  6. Tim Ricketts
  7. ArthurBullard

  8. Angharad Fenton-May
  9. Tristam Fenton-May
  10. Tim Bagot
  11. Juliet Kemp
  12. Ian Lynagh (probably)
  13. Caroline Berry (probably)
  14. Tim Bond
  15. Martin Ling
  16. Jonathan Chin
  17. Nick Burch
  18. DaveHiggins

Earthlings who can't make it:

  1. Amanda Kerr-Munslow (unless Heather starts accepting bottles again)
  2. JonathanMcDowell (low on vacation and living in San Francisco)

  3. David Ball (in Rome for my dad's 60th)
  4. AlexGough (Wrong Continent)

  5. David Woolger (Although I may come if Gordon behaves)
  6. DominicHargreaves (rival birthday celebration)

  7. Matthew Byng-Maddick (Birmingham Ballring Convention)
  8. PatrickMoore (otherwise distracted with a back and forth between NI and GB ... will endevour to make the half birthday one!)

  9. Janet McKnight (really sorry -- feeling too ill & exhausted to manage the late night) :-(

Earthlings who haven't stated one way or t'other:

  1. Stephen Gower
  2. ChrisVenus

  3. JamesGreen

  4. Kake Pugh
  5. Mike Ricketts
  6. Niall Harrison
  7. Adrian Chadd
  8. Stuart Adamson
  9. Paul Duff
  10. Meryki AK Horton
  11. Toby Jaffey
  12. Roland Kay
  13. Rebecca Luckraft
  14. Caroline Walker
  15. Simon Chatterjee
  16. Mike Mason

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