The Earthlings Birthday Meal 2012 will be held on Saturday 11th February 2012.

This will be the 14th birthday, the 11th birthday meal.

Once again there's an England Rugby match that day.

Unless anyone has any better suggestions we'll meet at: Pontefract Castle on Wigmore Street (W1U 1QB) from 6pm. Perhaps we could try ringing them to find out if the downstairs area will be open.

Due to the demise of Cafe Uno we went to ASK last year (56/60 Wigmore Street, London W1U 2RZ Tel: 0207 224 3484). The world didn't end, so ASK presumably works as a plan. There is a potential alternative venue: ASK, 121/125 Park Street, London, W1K 7JA, Tel: 0207 495 7760. Due to its close proximity to the pub I have booked 56/60 Wigmore Street for 19 people at 8pm, under the name Stephen White.

Earthlings who will Attend:

  1. Stephen White
  2. Tom Womack
  3. David Sheldon
  4. Martin Ling
  5. Juliet Kemp (subject to baby not having shown up yet)
  6. Amanda Kerr-Munslow
  7. Angharad Fenton-May
  8. Tristam Fenton-May
  9. Caroline Lynagh
  10. David Ball
  11. Jon Chin (subject to baby not having shown up yet)
  12. Tim Bagot
  13. Ganesh Sittampalam (subject to getting a babysitter, who has been booked and the trial run went well)
  14. Tim Ricketts
  15. Ian Lynagh
  16. Dave Higgins
  17. Nick Burch
  18. Dominic Hargreaves
  19. Arthur Bullard

Earthlings who can't make it:

  1. Alex Gough (unless a thesis shows up)
  2. Jonathan McDowell (wrong continent)

  3. Janet McKnight (past my bedtime, sorry!)

  4. Simon Huggins
  5. Tim Bond (probably not, yet another birthling)
  6. David Woolger (NCT Dads day out)
  7. Simon Chatterjee

Earthlings who haven't said either way:

  1. Stuart Adamson
  2. Paul Duff
  3. Mike Mason
  4. Mike Ricketts
  5. Chris Venus
  6. Matthew Byng-Maddick
  7. Adrian Chadd
  8. Stephen Gower
  9. James Green
  10. Niall Harrison
  11. Meryki AK Horton
  12. Toby Jaffey
  13. Roland Kay
  14. Rebecca Luckraft
  15. Patrick Moore
  16. Caroline Pearson
  17. Kake Pugh

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