The Earthlings Birthday Meal 2019 will be held on Saturday 9th February.

This will be the 21st birthday, the 18th birthday meal.

The current plan is the Cock and Lion (default to upstairs unless it's really full) from 6pm:

and then ASK on Wigmore Street for 7pm.

Table booked for (11+n) under the name of Ganesh Sittampalam.

Earthlings who will attend:

  1. Ganesh Sittampalam
  2. Dominic Hargreaves
  3. Tim Bagot
  4. Tim Greaves
  5. Stephen White
  6. Tim Ricketts - it is now almost inconceivable that I will be moving house
  7. Tristam Fenton-May
  8. Angharad Fenton-May
  9. DaveHiggins

  10. Jonathan Chin
  11. Martin Ling

Earthlings who can't make it:

  1. Nick Burch - In France skiing that weekend, sorry all

  2. Jonathan McDowell

  3. David Ball - Away in Scotland that weekend, sorry

  4. Mike Mason - some excuse involving a big pond or something

  5. David Sheldon
  6. Juliet Kemp
  7. Amanda Kerr-Munslow - no babysitting :-(

Earthlings who aren't yet sure:

Earthlings whose status isn't displayed on the wiki page:

  1. Caroline Lynagh
  2. Ian Lynagh

Earthlings who haven't said either way:

  1. Tom Womack
  2. Chris Venus
  3. Matthew Byng-Maddick
  4. Patrick Moore
  5. James Green
  6. Stephen Gower
  7. Arthur Bullard
  8. SimonHuggins

Earthlings who haven't said for at least the previous 3 years:

  1. Janet McKnight

  2. Alex Gough
  3. David Woolger
  4. Kake Pugh
  5. Niall Harrison
  6. Simon Chatterjee
  7. Adrian Chadd
  8. Caroline Pearson
  9. Meryki AK Horton
  10. Mike Ricketts
  11. Paul Duff
  12. Rebecca Luckraft
  13. Roland Kay
  14. Stuart Adamson
  15. Toby Jaffey

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