A pub meet so people can meet Simon & Juliet.

This will happen on Sat 18th May at Juliet's local (the Victoria, near Paddington & Lancaster Gate tubes, on the corner of Stanhope Terrace and Sussex Place).

People going include:

(At least I hope they are given that half the point is to let them meet the rabble and the rabble meet them)

Rough time for turning up seems to be 6ish, though I'd imagine we'll be there until late for people who can't make it that early and that some people's arms could be twisted if you want to be there earlier.

I would be happy to turn up earlier. --Kake
I would as well --Juliet
I probably would too --Ganesh
More time in a pub, count me in - David S So what time earlier? 4?
I probably can't now, actually --Ganesh
As I said on the mailing list, I will be there from 4pm. --Kake

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