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IMPORTANT: IC GWNet is believe by most to be compromised. This is public knowledge for all who have been on GWNet recently and would be told to all those interested in subscribing. Please be aware of this.

1. GWNet

1.1. Services covered by GWNet

  1. Mailing list - i.e.

  2. Web server - and pages on other servers.

  3. Instant messaging
  4. Blogs - IC Livejournal type things.
  5. File storage - a place to put files for others to get hold of

1.2. How it would work IC

There are two ways to join GWNet. a) Somebody else on the list helped get you set up b) an appropriate spirit (cockroach usually quoted) help you get set up. The first method does also require the approval of a cockroach spirit as well. THe spirit *could* deny somebody access to GWNet but this has not happened in recent times.

GWNet only allows a specific user to connect to the network. Once that user is no longer at the computer access to GWNet is no longer available. ie nobody else can use the computer to access it in their absence. Similarly nobody else can be told to check your mail.

Once logged on to GWNet a user can access any of the above services and in theory any other service that can be run on a virtual Private network.

Once they are on the network all of the services listed above and in theory any other service that can be run on a private network are available to the user.

Currently this has only been agreed with the UK ANST Garou so this only applies to the UK portion of GWNet. Assumptions can be made on more limited firewalled links to other parts of GWNet in the world.

1.3. How it would work OOC

Access to GWNet is synonymous with subscription to the glasswalker-uk mailing list. All PCs who are on UKGWNet *must* be on glasswalker-uk. This is the simple way to keep track of who can and who can't access GWNet.

Any resource that is meant to accessible only via GWNet should be clearly labelled somewhere. For mailing lists this may be in the introduction message and on the list home page, web pages should all have an OOC section at the top of each page clearly stating this, IM conversations should start stating that it is over GWNet, etc. Some leeway may be allowed (for example if one page in a site didn't have the statement then it is probably reasonable to assume that it is GWNet if the rest are). However, everything defaults to not being on GWNet if it isn't mentioned. As I say, we should apply common sense to this.

If somebody is a member of GWNet they have access to *all* resources unless somebody makes something more secure (e.g. web pages on GWNet can still be password protected). This means that once somebody is an authorised user of GWNet they can see web pages, blogs, files, mail messages, etc.

1.4. How does this affect me?

If you believe that you should be on GWNet then you should ensure that you are on the mailing list at If you are not on this list you are not considered a part of GWNet and therefore you can't treat any of this information as In Character.

All those who maintain web pages or any other resources should put a note to this effect on them. This will include this wiki, the home page for the mailing list, and IC Livejournals and any other resources. A link to this page can be put on them and this page will be maintained as the GWNet rules.

1.5. GWNet Resources

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