1. The Battle of Avesbury 2003

(SamDrackley This is my original write up of the battle. I may simplify it if I can later.)

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The Garou on mass moved on Stonehenge via the Umbra. In the Umbra the Henge was complete and intact with the God of the Shards in the Centre surrounded with 4 armed Shards. Further out on the outer ring were a variety of Shards both small shards and 4 armed shards sitting on and around the outer Stones.

The Nation had divided into a variety of groups. On the North East Side were a group made up of Glasswalkers armed with Guns. To the North West was a mixed pack of Garou with the 4 Cubs who had turned. From the West was the Cairns of Scotland. From the South The Silver Pack, KLF and the Bloodied Tusks approached.

Above the Henge 2 Garou and 2 Corax were circling.

Finally from the South East a large boiling cloud of Darkness was approaching the Circle of Stones.

As the packs moved in on the Cairn a Moonbridge opened in the middle out of which popped the elders of the Nation next to the God of the Shards. A fight broke out between them the God of the Shards and the 4 armed shards surrounding him. JJ was hit by one of the 4 Armed Shards, a Shard and the God of the shards, at the same time Brings Balance to the Nation was hit by the God of the Shards and Knocked Back. Dog hit on of the 4 armed Shards while defending Argenna so she could try and sweep the God of the Shards but unfortunately missed. Julian Twice Dead was then hit by the God but it didn’t seem to bother him much as he was surrounded in glowing night. 2 of the 4 armed Shards jumped Braggis tongue and knocked him to the floor and he looked seriously hurt.

On the outside Cooks the Books, Darkwater and Falcon beat 2 very small Shards. Speaks to the Point, Song on the Wind and Fights First, the Golden Toothed dispatched a small shard as well. Song was being carried by the other two who her flying forward in front of the Cubs. As the Silver Pack, KLf and Bloodied task approached there was a volley of fire into a 4 armed one which looked a bit hurt but was still standing. A couple more shots were fired but it was still there.

Back in the middle Argenna continued to try and hit the God and throw him to the ground but missed where as Dog moving and spinning hits a 4 armed shard. The God of the Shards meanwhile hits Julian Twice Dead a couple of times and he looked Shaken but was still up and then suddenly it’s tail came round and hits Julian dropping him to one knee. With a loud cry Julian leapt back to his feet looking on the edge of frenzy but reigns it in as he launches himself back at the god of the shards.

The Blackcloud approached the edge of the Circle of Stones and two of the 4 armed shards and two normal shards leapt at it. Green Balefire washed over them as they disappeared into the cloud.

On the Southern Side a Shard in the form of the Green Dragon shoots up out of one of the standing stones. It sprays the Silver Pack and KLF in Bale Fire. The Shards which were facing these slide to one side to Face Cooks the Books and Darkwater. At the same time Falcon swoops down to help protect Julian Twice Dead and Fenris runs towards Bragis.

On the Western Edge the Scottish Garou close with the Shards. Thunders Judgement, Rage like the Storm, Strikes from Silence engage one of the 4 armed shards. Thunders Judgement Bites down on the Shards hurting it so it hits him back several times. At the same time Silver Eye, Travels with music and Silence Dark whispers Shred a small Shard.

On the North East the Glasswalkers closed to within firing distance and started opening up with a variety of weaponry. About the same time Clashing Boom Boom appeared above them and it's bomb bay doors opened. Suddenly two 4 armed shards appered amongst the Glasswalkers and started laying into them. Cockroach leaps forward and attacks one of the Shards and Clashing Boom Boom opened up on another with it's 2 miniguns.

In the North West the group closes. A 4 armed shard jumps Fights for Joy as Fights First and Speaks to the Point throw Song on the Wind into another one. She hits it with her Axe as they then swoop down and attack it with a large hammer and length of Chain respectively. Song and Speaks both get hit by the 4 armed Shard but they are all still up.

Meanwhile in the middle there is a large Pulse from the Dark Clouds above which strikes the Central Stone. A wall of granite rises up around Brings Balance to the Nation and Raven swoops in from over head dropping something on the God of the shards which covers him in liquid. Braggis Tongue Casually brushes off two of the small Shards only to be hit by the God Shard and goes down. As he gets back up Gives with Both Hands swoops down from above and snatched him into the air where Sings of Suffering swoops in and heals him. Dog Dispatches a small shard and lays into a 4 armed one which hits him twice and he drops to the floor and lies still. Argenna swings again at the king of the shards missing as she is pummelled by one of the 4 armed shards and falls to the floor next to Dog.

Darkwater is pummelled by the 4 armed shard. As he hits the floor he roars and rises to his feet again. Nearby Stag, Pheonix, Pegasus and Chimera charge the Green Dragon. The Silverpack and KLF move fast as the Dragon Snaps at them. The Dragon sprays fire back and forth engulfing the 4 totems.

Fenris leaps on to a 4 armed Shard and claws it repeatedly as Falcon dives the 4 Armed Shard by Julian Twice Dead and rakes it with it's talons.

The Black cloud continues it's relentless forward roll as a broken body of a shard is casually tossed out at he back.

Amongst the Glasswalkers one of the 4 armed shards attacks Fights with Heart while another attacks Alan Mauritsen. Fights is hit once but nimbly dodges the other blows while Alan is smashes into the ground he Manages to get back up again before he is promptly smashed back down again.

Braggis is dropped back to the ground and the KLF. lead by an unhappy looking Iduna, split from the Silver pack and headed over to Braggis.

Fights First knocks the 4 armed shard he is fighting off the pillar and then Song, Speaks to the Point and himself all leap down on it on the ground and smash it up more.

Winters Sorrow then appeared in the middle of the Stones. He is behind and on top of the god of Shards and then attacked it. Pheonix shoots into the middle of the battle and into the Central Stone and the stone busts into flames.

JJ activates his rocket pack and hops over to Argenna and Dog picking them up and shooting into the air with them. Meanwhile the Silver pack made a break for the centre Cara managed to fly over with Duncan and Hands the Wyrm his arse and dropped them by the God of the Shards while Slides through Cracks flies over with 2 more and dropped them where Dog had been.

Darkwater meanwhile is dropped again by the 4 armed shard he was fighting and dosen't get up. Nearby Connor renders 2 shards into small bits.

Alan Mauritsen rises again amongst the Glasswalkers but is Frenzying. Meanwhile Syntax and Fights with Heart are both engaged with a 4 armed Shard and are both knocked to the ground. Cockroach hits one of the 4 armed Shards and it is finally starting to look hurt. Fights, with a loud battle cry, rises to his feet only to be struck down again at the same Time as Alan is by the Shard. The Shard then goes over and Guts Syntax.

Up above the battle JJ is met by Gives With Both Hands, who takes Argenna off him, and Sings of Suffering, who takes Dog from him. Gives with both hands shoots of very fast towards the medical tent while Sings healed Dog, Was given his collar and Dog dropped back in.

Speaks to the point flew into the air howling gave a Call to the Wyld inspiring everyone and driving fear into the enemy. Nearby the 4 armed shard he had been helping fight was pulverised by Song, Fights First and Jill Spice. Nearby Rage of Thunder is dropped by a 4 armed Shard and the Shard enters him and he starts to turn black.

Cooks the Books minces 4 shards but in the process is knocked down himself but manages to rise up again. Thunder Judgement is hit once by the Shard he and Rivers stride for Peace is fighting. Shrugging the wound off they both hit the Shard repeatedly. Then Grandfather Thunder strikes both of the 4 armed Shards which are around Thunders judgement.

Darkwater is still down and Connor starts fighting his way forward but there are lots of small shards attacking him as he goes. Many of them Clinging to him.

Back in the middle the God of Shards drops Winters Sorrow he roars and rises to his feet only to be knocked back down again. At the same time Brings Balance to the nation is dropped. He also springs back to his feet only to be knocked back down again. Julian Twice Dead is knocked down by a 4 armed shard he was fighting but with a Screech Falcon rips this shard to bits.

Then Braggis Turn appears in the air above the God of the Shards. Falling downwards he passes the central stone and bursts into flames as he slams his Axe into the God of the Shards.

Finally in the North East Clashing Boom Boom flies forward mowing down 5 small shards as a moon bridge opens just behind the glasswalkers. Many of who are on the ground.

The pitch black cloud roles forward past the outer Stones and there is a series of crunching noises as a few small Shards dive into it. Then out of the Stones around it a horde of shards appear. As the shards dive in there are howls of joy from the cloud.

Back in the North West Fights first jumps on Rage of Thunder and starts to heal him to try and stop the Shard taking him over. At the same time Aiden is starting to turn Black as well as the other 4 armed shard starts to posses him. Song on the Wind leaps for Aiden’s Throat, the Cubs leap into help her. Mr Rose seeing his companion drops and starts to Frenzy unfortunately he falls to the Wyrm and starts to eat Aiden’s remains.

Speaks to the Point hovering in the North West un-slings a Rifle and picks off a couple of Shards who were on top of Connor in the south. Connor deals with the rest and gets to Darkwater. He manages to stabalise him and then picks him up.

Rage like the Storm, River Strides for Peace, Thunders Judgement and Strikes with Silence drop and kill a 4 armed shard. While behind them in the distance Gives with both Hands drops of Argenna at the medical tent. John Talks all Sides who heals her. As she starts getting up Unicorn and Seeks the True path also heal her and she heads back towards the fight.

Slides Through Cracks and Onyx Tears are charged by a 4 armed shard. Onyx Casually Sparks up a fag as Slides through Cracks aims his gun at the 4 armed shard. As Slides tries to shoot the shard it hits him several times. Slides looks like he is about to drop but with a roar he manages to stay on his feet as he roars in anger at it. A shot from nowhere suddenly blows away the other 4 armed shard as the Glasswalker start to run back towards the moonbridge which had appeared. As they get closer a very large furry creature emerges from it. A Gurahl. The Gurahl slaps a 4 armed shard which leaps for it knocking it out of the air to the ground where it stops moving. He then reaches down and grabs 3 of the unconscious Glass Walkers and heads back towards the moonbridge.

The KLF Leaped upon the 4 armed Shard which is fighting Fenris while in the Centre of the Circle of Stones Ducan, Braggis Tongue, Hand the Wyrm its arse and Cara Acts with honour are fighting the God of the Shards. In the Melee Suddenley the God of the Shards puts it’s hands into Braggis Tongue and he goes flying across the circle and smashes through a stone on the edge in the North West. At the same time Cara is smashed to the ground.

Several of the Garou notice this. There is a shriek of Anger from the KLF. Also Song and Throfin notice and with a look of Horror start heading for the middle.

At the moonbridge Talks Fast and Fights with Heart turn and notice Braggis Crumpled form lying on the ground between them and the circle of Stones. Fights charges forward while Talk Fast disappears but covering fire follows Fights in.

Fights First is continuing to try and save Rage of Thunder as now Fights for Joy behind him starts to turn black. The Cubs shout out and Speaks to the Point turns from where he is and heads back towards them leaving Thorfinn and Song to carry on. Thorfinn and Song on the Wind get to one of the inner Circle stones which they start to lift out of the ground. Fight for Joy starts turning more black and the Cubs leap on him.

Fights with Heart meanwhile has got to Braggis and heaves him over a Shoulder and starts shifting to lupus as he heads back towards the moonbridge.

Thurnders Judgement is hammered by a 4 armed shard and hits the deck un-moving while nearby Cooks the Books manages to beat a 4 armed shard to the ground but in the process drops himself.

KLF ripped the Shard they were fighting to shreds as Fenris steps back to let them.

Connor meanwhile has thrown Darkwater over his shoulder and started pulling out.

Note no comments on Dragon or Black Cloud

Fights First continues to try and help Rage of Thunder fight the Shard trying to posses him as the Cubs finish of Fights for Joy. By the time Speaks get there Fight for Joy and the Shard is dead.

The KLF rush up to Brings Balance to the nation and start to heal him.

The God of Shards then smashes his fists into the ground and a tremor reverberates through the Umbra everyone drops apart from JJ and Duncan Farseer. In the air everyone is buffeted but still flying. JJ and Duncan are going toe to toe with God of Shards but fall as others slowly rise to their feet. Speaks to the Point levels his rifle from where he is hovering and shoots the god of Shards.

As Song on the Wind Gets back to her feet Thorfin rips the stone out of the ground and holds it above his head. Suddenly there is a bolt of black energy pours from the clouds into the centre stone and it starts burning black. A cry of anger from various Garou rolls across the battle field. Thorfin then Hurls the stone against the central stone causing a crack to appear in it.

Green Bale fires rolls around the Totems fighting the Green Dragon. As it clears there is nothing left there!

Fights with heart reaches the Moon bridge and it closes behind him. On the other side Connor drags Darkwater towards the medical Tent.

Fights First steps back from Rage of Thunder who rises and is now clack. Fights First leaps onto him quickly followed by the cubs. The Shard which was Rage of Thunder is pulped by them.

Julian Twice Dead and Shining Howl grab a 4 armed shard and pin it against one of the standing stones as Onyx Tears puts a foot under it’s chin and fires an endless stream of bullets from his SMG into it’s face.

Hunts the Wyrm Picks up Song and hurls her towards the centre Stone which she smashes with her Axe as the same time as Clashing Boom Boom flies in and opens fire on it. A large crack starts to appear.

Swooping down round the stone and past the God of the Shards comes Gives with Both Hands. He lands next to Dog and starts healing him and bringing him round.

Winters Sorrow and Brings Balance charge in against the God of the Shards. As Winter Sorrow drops Brings Balance rips it’s head off.

The group in the Northwest starts falling back with their retreat covered by a loud flash bang and a cloud of smoke.

Back in the middle Hunts the Wyrm, Song of the Wind and Throfinn start Smashing the Stone as Onyx Tears and Speaks to the Point shoot it. Brings Balance leaps forward and bites the stone as he chews the stone it splits in half.

Meanwhile Gives with Both Hands heals Winters Sorrow.

As silence comes over the Battle field the Black Cloud hovers for a monet and then starts drifting backwards. A cry of ‘Good fight! Invite us to the next party’ Comes out from within it. As the cloud leaves it reveals piles of mangled shards as well as the remains of a couple of Black Spiral Dancers.

Finally Onyx Tears opens his jacket and a couple of Doves fly out over the battle field.

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