1. Story of Elidor

SamDrackley This is a story in 3 parts which I need to get together.

The third part I experienced so is here. The first part several Garou know. I believe this includes MartinCross. and the Second part is known by a namer. It is important I find the whole of this story and it is told to the nation and is tells of past mistakes which we must endevor not to repear

1.1. Part 1

1.2. Part 2

1.3. Part 3

Shades of the Night had been asked by Elidor to bring his pack and any others who wished to aid him to prove themselves and the nation worthy of having Elidor.

Shades of Night, Dreams of Unity, Iduna, Runs in Shadows, Gives with Both Hands, James the Glasswalker Cub, Martin Cross, Lian May, Chloe the Glasswalker Cub, Walks his own Path and myself all turned up to try and recover Elidor in February 2004.

We went into the Umbra and to the lake that is there, over the site of the Archeological dig. Kinfolk and Garou surrounded the lake, I believe long dead. Standing out on the lake was a kinfolk covered in woad. The Guardian of Elidor. We believe it is his body that was found recently at the dig, the peat bog man. The crowd parted as we approached. The Lake was frozen over and we walked out on to it. Once we had passed the Guardian Elidor appeared and spoke to us. She appeared as a woman.

Elidor told us we had to prove that we understood our role as Garou even if the nation had forgotten this. Then the ice broke and we seemed to fall through ice water. We eventually landed on a path, though Nightshade had not fallen with us.

In front of us was Unicorn. Unicorn told us we had to prove we were worthy of having unicorn and our first test was to prove we could work together. We were to have a moot and then start our Journey down the path.

Iduna opened the Moot and Dreams of Unity then led it. We discussed how we were going to approach this quest and divided ourselves into 2 packs but travel together. We decided that working in packs was the way of the Nation and we had to show packs could work together. We also determined we had all the Auspices present and made sure that we had decided who was senior in each auspice in case it came relevant also who was the alpha of each pack.

We traveled down the path and found ourselves at a bridge over a chasm. On the bridge was a garou being fed up who wouldn't let us past. After talking to him it came out that he was a Child of Gaia metis who had been bullied and in the end fled from the nation. He was trapped there until he redeemed himself. At one point he caused Dreams of Unity to be submissive on the floor. He seemed to know about our on histories and tried to get many of us to get angry or give up. He managed to drive Runs in Shadows to frenzy. As Runs in Shadows went for him he caught him casually and held him by 1 hand while Dreams on Unity talked Runs down. He then casually hurled runs in Shadows behind us.

The first person to get across the bridge was Iduna followed shortly by myself. It seemed that we had to prove that we did not have any bias towards metis. Eventually we all got across the bridge by different means. James was thrown across as he had a go at him and tried to attack him telling him that he didn't care what he was he was in his way.

This delayed us for a little while but eventually everyone crossed the bridge. Once we had crossed he was released from his task of the bridge. The basic message seemed to be we are all Garou and Tribe, Breed or auspice do not matter.

This we believe was a test to show that we accept metis as part of the nation.

After this we carried on down the path and met an injured wolf who looked very hungry. Iduna tried to talk to it and calm it down. Meanwhile Dreams of Unity asked me to cut some flesh from him so we could feed it.

Iduna got close to it and tried to heal it but it showed no interest in the flesh. Runs in Shadows pointed out that it was sick and injured and we can not support those who are sick and injured. He then went forward and quickly put it out of it's misery and we then passed this test.

We believe was a test of us showing we undertand the way of the wolf and willing to make those hard choices.

We carried on down the path and found that we could not pass a man and woman stood on either side of the path. It appeared that they were not talking as they were or had been in a relationship and both of them had had sex with someone else. It became apparent that our problem was to try and resolve the situation. Various people talked to them but Gives with Both hands spoke to the man the most while Chloe and Dreams of Unity spoke to the women with some help from myself. Lian May also tried to help the man but he just seemed to get very interested in her.

We managed to convince them to talk and then having got them together we then all backed off to give them space. We saw them talk and then hug and in a flash of light disappeared.

We were then able to carry on down the path. This we believe was a test of understanding our Homid nature.

As we carried on down the path it disappeared under the sand and we found ourselves in what looked like Iraq, for those of us who had either been there or seen visions of it (i.e myself and Walks his own path). We saw a tent ahead of it inside of which looked like British officers. I approached them first and noticed that instead of normal name badges one had a stag and the other a wolf as their badge. They asked if we were the Special Forces and I said we were and brought the rest it.

They wanted us to take out a position which was being held by the Wyrm. It was on our path and we had to go through/past it to continue. The area was surrounded by desert in which were large Wyrm Spirits like the Thunder worms from Dune. We were shown a map of the camp and there were 2 paths into it. Gives with both hands was able to scout across the desert and have a look from the distance and confirmed that it was a wyrm camp and that there was a large number of wyrm creatures in it from Banes, Formor and Spirals he thought. We divided ourselves into two attack groups each with 2 Glasswalkers with Guns in. Iduna, Dreams of Unity, Chloe, Martin and Lian May came down one path and objective was to attack the CO's tent and deal with him. Meanwhile Runs in Shadows, Gives with Both Hands, Walk his own path, James and myself came down the other path. I had setup a mind link with Chloe so we could keep in communication.

We hit them fast Runs in Shadows and Gives jumping the wall into the middle of the mess tent while the others in our pack took 1 gate, James and myself using guns to clear the wyrm creatures as best we could. Meanwhile the other party had taken the other gate and found killed the CO. We seemed to take the wyrm creatures by surprise and we quickly killed or routed them.

This we believe was a test of showing we can fight and team work.

Then it went dark. Lian May created a paper lantern full of moonlight and we saw we were on a plane. We spread out and then suddenly the ground cracked and a duplicate of ourselves appeared in front of each other. They quickly attacked us and what ever we did they seemed to beat us. Chloe and myself decided to swap targets and each attacked each others while Dreams of Unity shouted for everyone to attack James's duplicate. When we did this everyone who was not attacking their own was not hit at all and also managed to hurt the duplicate we were attacking. Once we had realized this we quickly dealt with them.

This was a test and lesson in not being able to do everything on one's own and working together.

We then found ourselves stood on the ice again as we were before except this time Nightshade was there with Elidor now as a hammer in his hands. Nightshade stated who he is and claimed Elidor as his and any who disagree should challenge him for it.

Dreams of unity didn't seem to understand this so questioned what Nightshade had said getting nightshade to repeat slowly what he had just said. He was mainly trying to question Nightshades right to wield it but wasn't actually challenging him.

While this was going on I spoke to the Guardian who was still there. He wants us to tell the whole story of what happened afterwards. There are 3 parts to this. This is the last part. I will find and related the other parts. Until this time him and the other spirits can not rest. The first part is known to Garou the 2nd part apparently is not. This part we must find.

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