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Irssi Tips

Auto loading of scripts on startup

If you want to use a script all the time, and therefore want it to load on startup, you can put commands in the ~/.irssi/startup file. So for instance I have this in mine:

/script load

So that my nicks start appearing in colour from the moment I load irssi. Or for my IRC bot I have:

/script load

So that people can start trouting from the minute irssi runs.

Turn that annoying space off

If you turn on show_nickmode so you can see who is an op or voiced in a channel at a glance then irssi by default will put a space in between the angle bracket and the nick. You can turn this off with:

/set show_nickmode_space off

Don't autojoin on invite

irssi ships with an annoying default which is to automatically join channels that you have setup as autojoin channels when someone /invites you there. So you purposefully leave a channel because someone's boring you or to get some work done and then anyone can /invite you back instantly. The solution is:

/set join_auto_chans_on_invite off

Running irssi in screen

If like me you occasionally hit the wrong thing when navigating your screen session then this one is for you. If you ever see that irssi/screen has stopped wrapping long URLs then all you need to do is hit CTRL-A CTRL-R to turn wrap back on in your screen session. Thanks to coekie for that one.


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