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alt.binaries.* is a great place to get mp3s and comics and things.

And a wonderful abuse of what should be a text only medium. If the world stopped trying to use it for p0rn and warez and used things that were designed to transfer binary files point to point then it'd be more realistic for ISPs to carry full news feeds without clogging up their bandwidth.

Isn't it lucky then that the binaries are all in their own subhierarchy, and the ISPs can choose whether to carry them or not?

Some good groups:

A note on yEnc:

Decent console-mode alt.binaries.* newsreaders for Linux:

Decent X-based alt.binaries.* newsreaders for Linux:

Decent newsreaders that work under X or tty and on most platforms:

Web based interfaces for binary content:

* Usenet Binaries - Provides free limited and commercial unlimited access to Usenet binaries.


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