1. OU3FS

If you want to know what OU3FS is go look at http://ou3fs.livejournal.com/ which should tell you all that you need to know. This page is just an editable page to add in a timetable of events.

So here we go. This is a list of the events...

1.1. Trinity Term 2006

Week 0

Friday is Sophie's birthday. Clearly this is important (please realise that Sophie does not mean this seriously). EDIT: Clearly Sophie is too modest. Her birthday should be taken v. seriously.

Party - details at www.steerpikelet.livejournal.com !

Saturday - group Doctor Who viewing, Wadham Lodge, 6.45!

Week 1

Wednesday, 2 o'clock - Queerglish at the Union.

Friday evening - Mini pub crawl.

Week 2

Wednesday, 2 o'clock - Queerglish at the Union.

Week 3

Wednesday, 2 o'clock - Queerglish at the Union.

Week 4

Wednesday, 2 o'clock - Queerglish at the Union.

Wyrd Sisters is on at the O'Reilly theatre! Hint hint.

Week 5

See Ruth and Jenni make fools of themselves in Summer Eights. Drink Pimms.

Make like Twoflower and take a bus tour?

Week 6

Saturday lunchtime picnic at the Botanic Gardens w/Pullman geekery and writing challenges. Get together in smaller groups beforehand to cook wholesome (ha!) picnic food. Who has a big kitchen?

"The Importance of Being Earnest" is on in Exeter College!

Week 7

The time: Sunday brunch, The place: Punting on the Isis, The dress-code: "Dress as you do in a country house. Never wear a tweed coat and flannel trousers... And go to a London tailor; you get better cut and longer credit..." ~ Brideshead Revisited. An exception will be made for Amy, who will always dress as a pirate, whatever the occasion.

Week 8

Mark, otherwise known as the Freshers, will have their Mods this week. Yuck. [Except for Laura, Iona and Katia, who do the degree of masochists and will still be panicking and cramming until the beginning of 9th, and thus unable to partake in the celebratory piss-up. Bah.]

1.2. This is when people are busy

ChrisVenus - I'm busy pretty much on tuesday evenings, thursday evenings and sunday afternoons during termtime.

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