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OxLUG InstallFest 26/05/02 organisation

This page was used to organise the installfest. If you're not helping with this, you'll want thepublic page.

Demos promised:

Dom - gnucash, galeon
Peter Denison - Kylix, gpilotd
Keith Matthews - KOffice, openoffice, Wine
Andrew Jackson - GIMP, XMMS, Blender, VMware, Xine, Ogle, graphical CD burning tool
Alan Carter - KDE 3.0, openoffice 1.0, Gimp, Kmail, Kylix
Nick Burch - openoffice, GNOME desktop, Gimp, XMMS, Xine, Ogle, videolan

Transport needed by: (please list anything big to assist with load planning)

Dominic Hargreaves + callisto + random bag of stuff (+ monitor, maybe?) from Magdalen
Dan Kolb + his computer + monitor from Corpus
Graham Lee + his computer + monitor from Cowley Road

Physical things being taken by organisers:

Phone extension cable(1) - Dom
Phone extension cable(2) - Ganesh
75 Blank CDs and envelopes - Ganesh (currently in office)
blu tack - Ganesh (currently in office)
Sellotape - Ganesh
CD writer(1) - Dom
CD writer(2) - Dan
CD writer(3) - Would be nice
Lots of sponsorship stuff - 3 boxed sets of SuSE, box of O'Reilly stuff, various posters and assorted stuff, Mandrake CDs - Ganesh
24-port 10B-T hub - Dan
6-way extension strip socket - Dan
2x spare 4-way, 1x 2-way extension lead - Dom
Network cables - Dom
8-port 10baseT hub - Dom
Modem and gubbins - Dom
Wireless gateway - Ganesh
5-port 10/100 switch - Ganesh
Digital Camera - Ganesh
Duck tape, masking tape - Ganesh
Posters directing people in - Ganesh
Disclaimer forms - Ganesh
Network cables and minihub - Nick
Raffle tickets - Ganesh
Card + plastic wallets - Ganesh


tea - 40 bags max coffee - 1 jar milk - 2 pint carton sugar - some (from someone's home?) squash(es) - small bottles biscuits - 3 or 4 packets (request was made for nicer ones, the cheaper varieties didn't go down and were wasted) orange/apple juice - 3/2 cartons respectively

cups - 40ish teaspoons - 4 or 5 kettle jug(s) for mixing up squash

also needed: roll of kitchen towel cloth & spray for wiping up spills bin bags

If cups are not disposable, washing up items would be needed. Venue last year had mugs; so sponge, washing up liquid, and teatowels would be useful.

Things wanted

Offers of stuff - move to list above if we decide we need them

a 6way and a 10m extension - baldy
5-way 10/100 minihub - baldy
broken? switch - Twofish

Software being taken by organisers:


(all i386 only unless someone tells Dom specifically)
Redhat 7.3
Mandrake 8.2
Debian 2.2

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