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OxLUG Introductory talks series

This page is intended to help keep track of requests, offers and other stuff for the series of introductory talks.

Timings of talks

The current plan is Sundays at 6:30pm in the middle of the month, in Comlab. This is mostly because it fits well with the existing series of more technical talks at the beginning of the month, but is very much open to discussion.

Topics for talks

Here's a list of suggested topics, originally culled from the thread in July on the subject. It could do with rather better organisation than this.

Ganesh Sittampalam/Alasdair Kergon:








Tim Pizey:


Alan Peery: [I'd actually say that most of these talks are more appropriate for the beginning-of-the-month slot -- Ganesh]

Using old computers for Web Surfing (small distrib, skinny window manager, Galeon)

Making home alarms on the cheap (doable, I think. X10 modules, linux box running monitoring code. Never looked into it.)

CD changer for nearly free (Linux, XMMS, VNC session on screen and remotely connectable, ripping CDs onto the old hard drive, What cables to buy to run to the stereo. Remote control from a Palm ->PC via IR is extra credit.)

Reading email on your mobile phone with bankrupting yourself (teaching your home PC to fetchmail and allow you to WAP in. Or something like that.)

Really cool Christmas toys with Lego Mindstorms and the Sharp Zaurus. (You're buying them to give away. Of course you are.)

Chris Snow:

"Glitchfest" Installfest [being able to do this with computers would involve the same amount of work as the Installfest - i.e. quite a lot - hopefully we'll do another one next year, and they are intended to be for people to bring along existing installations for fixing as well as getting new installations done -- Ganesh]

installing new software from RPMs and source

Patching the kernel with popular patches. For example those that enhance the performance of the OS as a desktop.

Ian Leonard:

setting up web-browsers, using plugins, etc.

a series of talks on 'Linux in the office/workplace'. It could cover apps, faxing, networks, internet, vnc etc.

Phil Foxton offers to give one of the following:



Basic networking

Perils and gotchas of install time

Linux on the laptop

Streamlining your linux install.

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