SubNotebooks available in the UK

This page is intended to keep track of subnotebooks (anything with a 10.4" screen or smaller really) available in the UK. There seem to be quite a limited selection of these; certainly nowhere near the number in Japan or in the US via importers like

For more information:

JVC Mini-Note

P-III 933MHz/1GHz, 8.9" TFT

Sharp PC-MM1110

Crusoe 1GHz, 10.4" TFT

I can't find this anywhere but PC World, no mention of it on Sharp's website that I can see. PC world now have these on offer at £800 (June 26th 2004)

From Sharp's website:

(Q) I have an enquiry about a computer bought from PC World

(A) Although the product you purchased has the Sharp brand name on it, it is not actually distributed or supported by this office.

To explain, for commercial reasons, Dixons Stores Group (PC World) have bypassed this office and commissioned several models of laptop to be produced to their specific design, quality and price requirements from a Sharp factory in China. In doing so they have taken over the responsibility this office would normally accept in terms of after sales support both in and outside guarantee .This means that they set the terms of the guarantee, source and set the price of spare parts and accessories, manage any upgrade requirements and of course provide a repair service both in outside guarantee.

Dixons Stores Group fully accept their responsibilities and have asked us to refer any customers who require either pre-sales or after-sales advice to them.

Acer TravelMate C111TCi Follow link to "Notebooks" and there are several TravelMates near the bottom.

P-III 1GHz, 10.4" TFT

Fujitsu LifeBook P5020

P-III 1GHz, 10.6" TFT (3.3 lbs though == 1.5 kgs)

There's a Crusoe based system (Lifebook P1000) which is only 2.2 lbs == 1 kg supposedly.

Sony Vaio U1 / U3 / U101

U1 = Crusoe 700mhz, 256mb ram, 15gb disc, 6" TFT.

nat used to have one.

HP Tablet TC1100

P-M, 1GHz, 10.4" TFT up to 2GB RAM.

Looks quite nice - built in bluetooth/wireless. The pen is apparently supported by Linux, though the SD slot doesn't seem to be. I'm not aware of any Linux handwriting recognition software, but even with the keyboard this looks like a nice machine.

Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000

The Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000 (and SL-C1000) is the fifth generation of the SL-C line of LINUX-based PDAs. The SL-C3000 is the only PDA on the market with an internal 4gb HDD. Screen 3.7" VGA (640x480). Other technical specs include an Intel XScale PXA270 processor (416mhz), 64mb RAM, and 16mb flash ROM. The two slots (1 CF, 1 SD) are I/O, so they support wireless connectivity (such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi). There is a stereo-out for MP3 playback. The Zaurus SL-C3000 measures 4.9x3.4x1.0 inches (124x87x25mm), and weighs 0.65 pounds (298g). The Zaurus SL-Series is a LINUX-based PDA.

JonathanMcDowell: I actually have an SL-C3000 and I'm very happy with it now I'm running OpenZaurus on it.

Flybook A33i

I saw one of these in Schipol Airport, though it appears eBuyer sell them too. Investigation seems to suggest that everything is fully supported by Linux, which is nice. Only downside is the 1GHz Crusoe CPU; I'm not sure if that's enough power for usual usage.

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