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XML Tips

Symbols and Encoding

Apache's mod_xslt, when rendering XML with XSLT, seems to only allow encoding in UTF-8 (is it only Apache?). So when you add any non-standard characters (£ for example) you get an odd character before the correct symbol in your browser. (Or is it only galeon?)

To correct this, set your browser to view the page as UTF-8. Sounds simple, but I spent ages trying to find out how to get rid of the silly other character!


I assume when you're adding your characters, such as £, you're doing it as £ and not the literal? The M$ parser seems to insist on converting everything to UTF-16, which is all well and good but does actually introduce some problems of its own. It's all good fun.

Current status of XSLT processors

Whilst doing a fair amount of work with XSLT programs, I noted that there are, currently, many differences in the way they deal with XML and make their output.

Noteably the perl XSLT is still quite basic, ignoring some features altogether and adding line breaks where they might not be appropriate.

Anyway, the best thing to use is the standard tool - xalan - it's the only one I've found that obeys all the "standard" commands I've tried to use


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