1. About

1.1. Name

Dave Noble, aka daven, David Noble, Dave, Mr. Noble, D. or just OI!

1.2. Location

Norwich, UK

1.3. Age


1.4. Languages

English, Dutch, German, French (badly), tries to learn Norwegian, but can't ever find time.

2. Does What?

2.1. Education

Student at City College Norwich. Does Maths and Photography there. Already has A-levels in IT, German and Physics.

2.2. Work

Part time employee of Warehouse Express. Freelance Runner / Sound Engineer / Sound Recordist

3. Contact on the Net

=== Electronic Mail ===

dave <at> mrdaven <dot> mine <dot> nu

davidwnoble <at> gmail <dot> com

3.1. IRC handle

daven -- hangs out on irc.oftc.net, irc.freenode.net, irc.questionablecontent.net and a few others.

3.2. Website


4. Free Time

4.1. Computers

4.2. Photography

4.3. Sound

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