This page is for my conspiracy character. If you are not a GM then you probably shouldn't be looking at it though if you aren't playign the gamne I dont' care much either way. If you want to find out more about the game go to and read.

More precise ideas for a character...

Name: [classified]
Faction: Plutocracy - was probably inevitable with the character sheet...
Class: Operative

Strength 4
Quickness 4
Resilience 4
Will 6 - seemed appropriate for what I had in mind.
Lore 2 - doesn't know much and isn't that bothered
Wealth 7 - fantastically rich
Fnord 3


Guilt Wracked (-2)
Fluffy (-1)
Curious (-1)

Assets (+5)

Unfortunate Emotional Entanglement (-1)
Waster (-1)
Amnesiac immortal (+3)
Drop dead gorgeous (+2)

Mortal Enemy (-1)
Blind Loyalty (-3)
Hack (-1)

Best in the business: black ops (+4)
Skilled: Finance (+1)
Death on a stick (+5)

Some rought background is below but roughly speaking:

He woke up three years ago and received messages from his pre-amnesiac self explaining that he had wiped his memory to start anew after the horrors that he had committed. More than likely being a conspiracy game somebody else has done this to him and faked up all the evidence to use him. That's up to you though.

His background though *is* one of a lot of action. His skills (black ops/death on a stick) are skills from his previous life that he has not forgotten.

He has seen some evidence (true or not) of atrocities he committed in his previous life and he feels hugely guilty over this. He is now striving to make right these wrongs by helping those who want to make the world a better place. He will flat out refuse to kill during any operation though and preferably not hurt anybody too much (tranqs and the like being the usual method). He pays very little attention to the conspiracy he is in, believing them to be much better qualified to know what is for the greater good. He does as he is asked and spends more of his time in trying to forget about his previous life and the horrors he has inflicted.

He inherited his wealth from his former life. He seems to have been a major investor in many companies and unusually owned outright a tabloid newspaper that specialised in more unusual stories. As a bit of an amusing hobby he writes articles for this paper under a pseudonym.

Despite being a bit of a playboy and getting around quite a bit there is a girl, a fashion supermodel (always the way with these millionaires, right?), who lives with him and is considered by most to be his partner. This relationship isn't exclusive though and he does tend to have more brief relationships with many women. One of these left her previous boyfriend for Jonas and became somewhat obsessed with him. He dumped her after about two months but her obsession and anger at her treatment has remained.

And now for the background type thing...

He woke up three years ago strapped to an operating table in the middle of a warehouse, no memory of how he got here or even who he was. A crude makeshift sterile environment seemed to have been created around where he was, a simple metal structure and what looked to be plastic sealing him off from the outside.

It took a while to get out of the straps that attached him to the table but somehow he seemed to have an instinct for it. Clothes were stacked on a nearby table. Smart ones that seemed to fit him. Pulling them on he looked at the items that were under the clothes. A wallet, ID, mobile phone and what looked to be a couple of computer memory cards, only one of whcih had any markings on and said "read this". He glanced at the ID, in the polished reflection of the metal trolley he confirmed that the face on the ID was his whcih would make him Jonas Stamp. He pocketed everything and double checked there was nothing more here. No sign of why he was strapped to the table or who by, just the few items he found.

He moved to the plastic curtains surrounding him and found an area where they had been joined together. Pushing through them his instincts started him running before he even realised the click he'd heard followed by the beeping. He glanced backwards as he ran and saw the small device with numbers counting down slowly on the LED.

Picking himself up off the ground he looked at the warehouse behind him, just one of many, around him, distinguished only by the smoke and flames that now billowed out of it.

* * * *

Four hours later he was apparently at home. One of them. Voicemail on the phone he had informed him that his driver had reached the location he had been told and Jonas had been able to meet him there. He seemed to be recognised by the chauffeur so he got into the back and enjoyed the ride home, the unfamiliar surroundings that he wished he could remember passing by him. He said nothing on the ride. Just flicking through the couple of magazines that were in the back. Mostly they were business magazines but one stood out unusually, a tabloid newspaper filled with tall tales and outlandish stories.

He sat at home in his office, logging in to his computer system with a password that had been carelessly left on a postit note on the monitor. He pulled the memory cards from his pocket and picked out the one that told him to read it and slipped it into the slot on his computer. Immediately it loaded up a message onto the screen.

"The evils of my past life weight heavily on my mind. The deaths I have caused, the pain and suffering dealt out by my own hand, the misery in the world that is due to me - its all too much and so I write this last note and take this last course of action. You can start with a clean slate. You will have no memories of your previous life and you will be a different person to me, your old self. I know myself well and I know that much of me will remain even after the memories are gone. The imperatives in my life that have driven me to these evils however will be gone.

"Should you ever wish to know what it is that you have escaped from then these memory cards contains several layers of details of what I have done. For your own benefit though I advise you to stay clear. It may well just bring back the feelings that drove me to this course of action in the first place. However, I know how much I would want to know my past so I leave you this option and the codes at the end to access them.

"I ask only this of you. Make the world a better place, forget me as much as you can and enjoy your time here in a way that I did not."

He looked at the other cards for some time before putting them back into his pocket.

It didn't take him long to find out who he was, his old self having left many clues for him. It took longer to gather all the information he needed and in the month following his strange awakening he took time out from his few routine commitments to be more himself.

Three months after his awakening Jonas Stamp threw a huge party, inviting all of the elite of society. From the old quiet Jonas that he had researched came a new person, one much more open friednly and visible to the world. Over the next years his parties became known across the world and the tabloids had to employ extra journalists just to follow his rollercoaster lifestyle. There was much speculation on the change in Jonas Stamp but he would say only one thing on the subject, "I realised that I needed to enjoy myself more so here I am."

During this time though a more secret part of Jonas's life emerged. Six months after his first awakening he had read the computer discs and read of his past. He'd seen photos of the bodies mutilated and distorted and read details of all that he had done in the world. He also found out a little about some of the people he had targeted in his previous life.

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