1. The Constitution

  1. This document details the constitution of the society hereinafter referred to as 'Debian-UK' or 'the society'.
  2. Membership of the society is open to all currently registered Debian Developers who are resident in the UK. "Debian developers" are those recognised by the Debian Project, as listed at http://db.debian.org/ .

  3. Membership is free; no subscription payments will be due.
  4. Membership applications, and notices of resignation from the society, should be made to the Secretary, who will accept at least suitably signed emails and applications in person.
  5. The purpose of the society is to promote Debian and Free Software in general.
  6. The Debian-UK Committee will consist of three roles.
  7. The three committee roles are: Chair, Secretary and Treasurer
  8. Anyone in the committee or any three other Debian-UK members may call an extraordinary general meeting at two weeks notice.
  9. Meetings may occur physically or on the IRC channel #debian-uk on irc.oftc.net
  10. A meeting is defined as quorate if six members of Debian-UK (or the entire membership should it be below six) are present.
  11. The committee will be nominated and voted upon at the AGM.
  12. Should society membership drop below six members or should it not prove possible to elect a committee then an EGM will be called to attempt to elect a committee. If this second meeting fails to result in enough members or a society committee as required, funds will be defaulted to Software in the Public Interest earmarked for Debian.
  13. Motions are carried by simple majority.
  14. Should an EGM be called to dissolve the society a two-thirds majority is required containing at least one committee member.
  15. Signatories on the Debian-UK bank account are defined to be the members of the committee and any delegates thereof.
  16. Delegates of the committee must be nominated and seconded by members of the committee.
  17. Nominations and motions should be sent to the Secretary two weeks in advance and to the general membership one week in advance of any given meeting.
  18. Ballots are non secret and all vote results will be published.
  19. Should a member of the Debian-UK committee be elected to the position of Debian Project Leader then: for the duration of that term, any decision which would normally have been made by one committee member with the agreement of the Debian Project Leader, must instead be made by agreement of all three committee members.

2. Revision History


Initial version, as defined at the DebianUKSocietyInauguralMeeting


Amendments from the DebianUKEGMApril2006: Membership is now opt-in, and limitation on powers in case a committee member is elected DPL

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