General discussion about TheEarthWiki

You might like to see this page under its old name HuggieWikiDiscussion til that's refactored.

Hmm, or maybe that should stay there in so we don't erase history

Comment spam

I've added a page spam solution (well tried to, not entirely convinced it's working as yet).

Let me know if there are any problems. You should be able to add dodgy content as regexps to LocalBadContent and to LocalBadContent.

Ok seems to work but does increase the page save time but hey. See also BadContent for one of the master lists.

Revert spam/robots

I've made reverting an action that only known users (i.e those logged in via UserPreferences) can use to try to stop the random web crawlers hitting it. The real solution is probably to fix moin so it's a POST not a GET but hey.


I've upgraded to moinmoin 1.5.8 but if I broke anything then do let me know.


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