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So what is this and why the name?

Well the old name of HuggieWiki was once thought to suggest too much about ownership and it changed to "Stuff and Things". However "Stuff and things" is a useless description and a pretty useless name as DavidCary and SunirShah pointed out.

So spurred on by their comments, the pages were renamed once more with the help of PatrickMoore.

The machine that this wiki runs on is called "" which leads to amusing conversations like:

So it seemed entirely appropriate therefore to say that this is's wiki - it is after all where it runs. is the main server for the earthlings see EarthlingsInfo

As for UK and tech well that's because I've been told in the HuggieWikiDiscussion fallout that the wiki needed more direction and frankly it did so now I'm giving it some. It is mostly centered around UK people - that's not to say it's not useful to more or indeed not used by more but it's true at the moment. It's also quite technical in parts and it's only fair to warn people of that really.

Main discussion areas

Interesting starting points


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