24th April it is. The plan is as follows.

Some people will meet at 4:30pm (earlier if you want) in the Far From the Madding Crowd, which is on Friars Entry just by Borders. If that's full, we'll be in the Goose instead, which is just nearby. I've booked a table for 16 at the Mongolian Wok for 7pm; add/move yourself to the definites list below if you're not already there and wish to guarantee yourself one of the spare spaces. After that we will stagger to a pub in Jericho until closing time; probably the Harcourt Arms or the Bookbinders.

I'm assuming ice-skating isn't happening, but it's really up to the people who are interested.

Who is invited: Earthlings, who may bring significant others if they wish, and Nick Burch.

People coming

People coming but not to the meal

People maybe coming

People not coming

People who would ice skate from 2-4pm

Note that the Oxford Ice Rink web site warns "Be advised that the 2.00pm-4.00pm session on Saturday is extremly busy. There may be occasions when certain size skates will not be available for hire."

People who would pub from 4:30pm or so till 7pm

(state time if arriving later than 4:30pm)

People who will drink copious cups of coffee in Blackwells if nothing else happens

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