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This is an informal Wiki for the Nottinghamshire LUG. The LUG also has a new website, with a forum and stuff. I think the idea is for the new to replace the old RSN.

If you add any pages and make them start with say "NottLUG" then it will be easy to list them on this page.

This page is no longer really maintained with any regularity, and the list archives are probably the easiest way to find out what's going on, or the official website.


There's a series of talks on Perl ongoing at the moment, with a talk around the middle of the month. Next up is part 4 (OO perl) on October 20th. There's likely to be an event on September 15th, of an as yet undisclosed nature, and there's a session on filesystems on October 6th. At the time of writing, there was a social at the Roebuck Inn a week ago - Pizza Hut was apparently also involved.

We've been trying to establish a tradition of making the pub or meeting in some form or other on the first Wednesday of each month.


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