Silicon Corridor LUG (Berkshire & Thames Valley)

Event organisation

SCLUG meets every month at a pub in Reading, but we do run occasional non-pub events like install fests and general bring-a-box days.

Next bring-a-box day

We were going to do one on Saturday 16th September 2006, to coincide with the Software Freedom Day, but there wasn't much interest at the time, and the two people likely to do most of the organizing couldn't make it. Maybe we'll have one later in the year.

Technical talks

We'd also like to run some technical talks and practical sessions. We're looking for volunteers to do this, and below is a list of who has volunteered so far. If you have something you think you could talk about something Linux-related for, say, half an hour, then please make a note of it here and post some details to the mailing list. In the meantime, here are some suggestions from the mailing list:

Volunteers :

<> / Will Dickinson :

Graham Swallow <>

AlanP & associates !! (

Nothing definite, but I feel with some arm twisting I can get :

PXE Boot : Setup & Administration

BradK (



Other stuff

We did a Linux Day event in 2004; details and photos are on the SCLUGLinuxDay2004 page.

For more information about the LUG see our web site.

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