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Silicon Corridor LUG Linux Day 2004

We've had confirmation of our venue from the University of Reading. Here's the address:

Common Room
School of Systems Engineering
University of Reading
Reading RG6 6AX

Time: 11:00 until 17:00, Saturday 9th October 2004 (setting up between 10:00 and 11:00).

Here's a relevant map of the area showing the location of the University. The School of Systems Engineering is building number 38 on the Whiteknights campus map. For car parking, use P11 or P12 (indicated on the same map). There should be signposts directing you into the building on the day.

For the benefit of those who were there, it's the same room we used for the 2002 Install Day. As well as the common room, we'll probably have use of the attached seminar room and the drinks bar.


This is the list of people willing to bring some equipment along, do demos, provide advice, etc.

Name <e-mail address>



Simon Heywood <>

mini-ITX system, laptop, 8 port switch, CAT5 cable, assorted bits


Tom Dawes-Gamble <>

IpCop Firewall, Cat 5 cables, Wireless AP


Lars Haggqvist <>

Dual AMD processor box, Wireless AP


Leon Ward <nard(at)nardware(dot)co(dot)uk>



Laurence Withers <>

Can supply various goodies

Member of the University, can help out with that side of things.

Someone's also offered to turn up with some extreme Wi-Fi kit, whatever that means....

Stuff to sell / give away

CDs will be sold at cost of media. We will have a machine for writing the CDs.


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