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Silicon Corridor LUG Software Freedom Day 2006

The next SCLUG bring-a-box day will coincide with Software Freedom Day and the Remix Reading open media lab at the Rising Sun Arts Centre. Here's the address:

Rising Sun Arts Centre
30 Silver Street
Reading RG1 2ST

Time: 11:00 until 17:00 (provisional), Saturday 16th September 2006 (setting up between 10:00 and 11:00).

Here's a relevant map of the area showing the location of the venue.


This is the list of people willing to bring some equipment along, do demos, provide advice, etc.




Tom Chance



As Tom Chance says: We can supply six PCs with Kubuntu, some nice printed Ubuntu/Kubuntu install andlive CDs (Dapper), some basic networking hardware, free wifi, and lots of Linux magazines and books for people to read. Oh, and a nice free space with a bar and coffee/tea facilities!

Stuff to sell / give away

CDs will be sold at cost of media. We should have at least one machine for writing the CDs.

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