1. OOC: Notes/Explanation

This page is a fictional page for a roleplaying game. None of the below is in any way true. The following represents the whiteboard in Chloe & Lara's (Very Secret) house, and is likely to stay filled with sarcastic scribble about various members of the Nation, under dubious altnative names & slang to avoid it being veil-breachy/scandallable ;) If you're not familiar with updating wikis, look here: http://wiki.earth.li/HelpOnEditing -- CarolinePearson / ChloeAnderton

2. IC: Current Whiteboard Content

2.1. VSD of JTD

Damn u****l peeping toms in L's bathroom again. Tower looking more attractive by the minute. Note to self, kill NS - must remain the prett- most powerful!

Oi Reso. Have fun in U with L. When you get back I must show you how I've learned how to kill a G with just one finger. But you should enjoy yourself, and not think about how I've been known to fly into homicidal rages when she's seen within 100 m of another guy. So enjoy.


P.S. Did I ever tell you how one of my hobbies is setting things on fire?

Note to self: Must build BBQ for summer.

9th June 2004

Has anyone noticed a wolf hanging out in the outbuilding?


2.2. VSD of CA

Look, it was *only* a spear of legend...bloody women ;)

2.3. VSD of DD

Hey, could you teach me that 1 finger thing?

And I like setting things on fire too. We could make a day trip of it?


Not so sure you'd find that a fun day thing, matey. Once I've set you on fire and killed you with one finger, the joy tends to go out of a friendship. We should just wait 'til Res get's back and see if he needs a demonstration.


Ahh, ok. Memo to self. Find test 'volunteers' for J. Preferably ones who get too close to L. Try not to be part of volunteer program. End Memo.


Better. Then we can get down to seriously setting things on fire.


Someone mentioned FIRE?



Oh Gaia... Himself gets her started, then disapears on a business trip... I am so doomed :P


You say you're doomed like it's a new thing...


True. Maybe I shouldnt have signed up to "Suicide Missions Monthly".

Bah, who am I kidding? Its more fun this way...



I'm gay. Brawling lessons appreciated. Have a nice day.


'S cool, though I don't know if J will believe you ;) This brawling thing, it's over-rated, I offered to teach the KLF how to 'dance', they offered to brain me...all in a day's work though, eh?



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