/!\ The DebianUK Society has been closed /!\

The details here are for historic interest only. If you are looking for a way to donate money to Debian, please check out Debian Donations page.

/!\ The DebianUK Society has been closed /!\

This is the DebianUK Society page.

This is a temporary home until we can sort out a domain etc.

1. Meetings

2. Constitutional stuff

The current committee are (as of the election at the 2011 AGM):













3. Bank details

Debian UK used to have a bank account with the Co-operative Bank to hold society funds. Over the course of a few years, we were hit by multiple incidents involving fraudulent Direct Debits being set up on the account. Despite calls to various people in the relevant teams at the Co-operative with them promising to permanently block all Direct Debit requests, they failed to manage this simple thing and could not explain why.

Due to this obvious incompetence, Debian UK is no longer a customer of the Co-operative Bank. It seems keeping bank notes in a sock would be a safer option for our money. There used to be details of the bank account here, but they have now been removed to stop anybody trying to use them in future. If you want to send money, mail me (Steve, details above).

4. Treasurer Reports

4.1. 2005

4.2. 2006

4.3. 2007

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